Breathe is loaded word at TVZ. It’s simplicity and importance underscore everything that we do. Breathing connects every individual’s interior world to the exterior world around us. Breathing is the inspiration for TVZ fashion, it is the exterior expression of our interior.

What We Support

According to our founding Essence, TvZ is a platform that spreads awareness of breath as the basis for nurturing oneself.

Who We Support

We spread awareness of breath through our affiliation with YES! for Schools, a nonprofit organization.

YES! (the Youth Empowerment Seminar) focuses on powerful breathing techniques that help students and teachers to reduce stress, manage emotions and increase energy, focus, peace and well-being.  

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How We Support

TvZ supports YES! for Schools by becoming an extension of their endeavors. 

We use our platform to expand the organization’s network to spread their mission of breath changing one child’s life at a time.

Why We Support

The current statistics for children in the education system are dire: Children are not thriving / Overt misbehavior is common / 22% fail to graduate on time / 8% attempt suicide

Data emerging from YES! for Schools pilot programs show that the voluntary breath techniques implemented are proving to positively directly affect: confidence / self-efficacy / self-esteem / faith / trust in themselves / impulse control
clarity of mind / attention / focus

The end result is giving the individual power over his or her state of mind and reactions; in other words, an increased greater capacity to be in control. Breath is a practical tool for Peace.

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