Note from Tatiana

This is one of those moments of truth, when sharing one’s thoughts is a biggy... writing a blog means immortalizing one’s words and now-a-days I want to be so careful, so full of care with what comes out. Starting this blog is a humbling challenge. I am feeling exposed... naked... I have no idea where to start!

An hour later — yap!! Staring at my screen... feeling totally unproductive so I guess that my only option is to express exactly how I feel right now!! Scared, excited, confused and a bit anxious... Have to remember to breathe... breathe, Tat... breathe!

Why am I doing this?... Why am I putting myself in this incredibly uncomfortable position?  Because I am 42... if I don’t start doing this now, and this is what really scares me... then I might never do this at all.

Ever since I entered my 40s, I feel like I am standing in the middle of a storm. Everything is changing around me and more than that, everything is changing inside of me.

The connections between interior and exterior persists always! I am in constant flux and it’s no longer like it used to be, when I could pretend it was not happening, when I was good at finding excuses... “Too busy, too stressed... when I finally achieve this other thing, then finally I will be able to pursue my dream...” NO!!! IT’S HAPPENING NOW. Now I have to listen! And I have to act! I have to do!!!

I’m 42, mother and designer. I have lived and breathed fashion for most of my life. Six years ago Brooklyn became my home and fountain of inspiration and realization.  From the day I became aware of beautiful things to today, my journey, my lessons, my failures developed one way or another through the world of fashion, as a model, founder and owner, employed designer, design director, design consultant... design galore. My days, weeks and years have been devoted to designing and developing product... more specifically accessories. I have considered not doing this anymore... and something always pulls me back!

The truth is I felt that the world did not need another point of view, that is until I found my purpose within it.

This is not a blog on fashion...  or style... this blog expresses the journey within... the path I found to my inner world, recognizing myself, accepting, reevaluating what I no longer needed and embracing the tools that are helping me reshape who I am!

As Pablo Picasso put it: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”


Tatiana v. Zitzewitz

Tatiana von Zitzewitz