Note from Tatiana

So deeply rewarding, the heartwarming messages I have been receiving since the launch... so deeply exciting, the experience of sharing such an intimate journey and receiving so much love — Thank you!

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

I shared this Picasso quote at the end of my most first journal entry, because I’ve been thinking a lot about “gift and purpose” lately, as you might well imagine... and reflecting on my journey to this point.

Before the launch of tvzstudio, I arrived at a point where I had developed (or is “suffered” a better word?) a love-hate relationship with fashion... my life's vocation and profession. Why? Because when you have done something all your life (and when I say all my life, I really mean all my life... since the time I was allowed to hold my first pair of scissors and I got it into my head that my Barbies’ clothes and then my own needed a makeover)... you start to question how important it actually is what you are putting most of your time into!  And then your mind decides to respond: "Well, this is what I know how to do! This is what I was trained to do... this is what people know me for!” That made me feel totally 😩! I am not saving lives, I definitely have not been saving the environment... and that thought alone tipped me over the edge.

Hello full blown crisis!!! How do we define this? Midlife crisis? Identity crisis? Where do I start? Panic moment... breathe Tat breathe. Why is it that everytime I start to panic I hold my breath? Breathe woman!  Focus! Start somewhere... anywhere! Breathe really deep! Ahhh, that — feels better.

I asked myself: What is now important to me? How can I maintain this better feeling?

Remember that I’m a designer, and so my answer was predictable and cliché but powerful: My wardrobe!  I slipped on a certain piece that enables me to feel centered and calm and … myself!

And I went back and read some of the thoughts - your thoughts - that I had been collecting to prepare for the launch of tvzstudio.

  •  “Feeling powerful, happy and blessed... experience being special!”
  •  “It feels like an amulet that reflects light and strength.”
  • “Glowing inside out... feeling radiant and warm when I wear it.”
  •  “It’s amazing how this piece can make me feel so feminine and strong. It’s that positive tension one feels when one wears high heels. I didn’t even feel the need for mascara today.” (We’ll touch base further on my own high heels experience in my next journal entry.)
  •  “I feel beautiful inside. Wearing one of tvz creations goes beyond wearing beautiful jewelry, her wonderful pieces have a special energy.”
  •  “My necklace makes me feel confident. Whenever I wear it I am courageous and strong.”
  •  “You always know you will receive tons of compliments when you wear one of tvz pieces as it always catches everyone’s eye. Stunning & chic, the perfect accessory to finish your outfit.”
  •  “Wearing this piece makes me feel sophisticated and natural at the same time.”
  • Yes! This is my gift. This is my purpose. And I’m sharing it with the world!

I hope you’re feeling special today.


Tatiana von Zitzewitz