Note from Tatiana

We breathe life into form - Caroline Myss

I remember being 12 or 13, a rainy February day in Laguna del Sauce, Uruguay: my breath was literally taken from me! 

An asthma attack due to bronchitis … my Dad asked me to focus on my breath and follow it with my attention … and that in itself calmed me down and slowed the wheezing. I could not understand then why I suddenly felt easier, but the moment always stayed with me. 

I can’t express how many times over the years focusing on breathing has brought me back to a place where ALL IS WELL!  I have been sharing these moments with you … like when I first launched TVZ: Hello full blown crisis!!!  Midlife crisis? ... Identity crisis? ... Where  do I start? … a panic moment … breathe, Tat, breathe.  Why is it that every time I start to panic I hold my breath? Breathe woman!  Focus!  Start somewhere … anywhere!  Breathe really deep!  Ahhh, that feels … better.

Breathe is a loaded word at  It’s simplicity and importance underscore everything that we do.

Breathing connects every individual’s interior world to the exterior world around us. Breathing is the inspiration for TVZ Studio … it is the exterior expression of our interior.  It is right there in our founding ethos:

Great design comes from cultural inspiration, detailed craftsmanship and a reevaluation of what is essential. 
Our pieces capture the balance between unique materials and natural environments, out of which emerges the artistic form.

The Lotus Link Necklace is one example.  I called it Lotus because the flower holds powerful meaning for many cultures and civilizations … the lotus flower represents rebirth for the Egyptians, our body energy centers for the Hindus, and spiritual awakening in Buddhism …  all intimately connected to our breath … and honoring oneself.

A focus on breath has enriched my life in so many ways ... it makes me feel special, and it is what triggered me being here today: my design, my expression … my everything!

Breathe with me ....
Yes! Right now! 
Close your eyes and listen to the movement within you
Own it … your breathe is all yours, and it’s free!
It’s your most powerful tool

Our breath is the “portal” between our body and our mind … our breath directly affects our behavior and state of mind.  Breath is involuntary, taken for granted, but breath can also be a voluntary tool. By learning to control your breath you learn to control your state of mind … You become more focused ... You have more energy … You become less reactive to other people's actions ... 

                                          You end up owning a cool state of being. 

And it is part of TVZ Studio’s mission!  We spread awareness of breath through our affiliation with YES! for Schools, a nonprofit organization.

YES! focuses on powerful breathing techniques that help students and teachers reduce stress, manage emotions and increase energy, focus, peace and well-being.  Please click here to learn more about the incredible work the organization is doing and consider donating today.

As I’ve been talking to people in preparation for this journal entry, almost everybody seems to have an anecdote about the importance of breath in his or her personal life.  Do you? Email me at with yours and it may be included on on our website.

Everything you can imagine is real - Pablo Picasso




Tatiana von Zitzewitz