Note from Tatiana

True beauty is not an imposition but a genuine discovery
— Sergio Blancafort

Does the simple phrase "high heels" conjure live-defining moments for all women? (Email me at and let me know!) 

For me, high heels brings a rapid reel of clips flowing through my mind: Barcelona, mid-1990s, explosive energy, great friends, drag queens, clubbing, and... empowerment!... and... a few of the most embarrassing moments of my life!

Let me put you in the picture: I’m in my late teens, going to design school and coursing with creative juices, modeling, immersed in the nightlife scene, learning to manage myself, my money and hanging onto the bartending gigs that came along.

One night out dancing, my friends and I receive an offer to become... what’s the word?  Podium dancers? Gogo dancers?  Performers? You get the idea, perhaps... basically we were getting paid for dancing next to DJs at trendy bartending doesn’t it!!! Our wardrobe?: Well... that was up to us... y nos sacamos las ganas!!!

We came up with every possible outfit we could imagine - 5 costumes a night, every weekend: feathers, fake lashes, wigs, vintage corsets, gloves, tutus, makeup, jewels, and of course, insanely towering killer high heels... we were all really tall and outrageous... ridiculous 6’5” towers coming at you! In my high, high heels, I was at home with my drag queens: same shoe size, same height!

Yes, we had our great diva moments... I felt like I was constantly discovering myself on the next bargain styling mission, rummaging through vintage markets and trimming suppliers. In my heart of hearts, I will always remember this moment as an authentic journey of self discovery.

But my reel of memories cannot escape the darker side: the totally embarrassing moment when I almost broke my neck on those towering heels on the Isabel Marant runway in 1999 in Paris. My fifteen seconds of stardom (fifteen seconds? not even close!) transformed into a tierra tragame, earth-please-swallow-me moment. Ugh.  Not to mention being totally rejected at the McQueen and Givenchy runway castings for miserably failing to master those ridiculous heels... and who can blame me?

So it dawned on me: high heels are simply not you anymore, Tat!  But the little girl inside of me who likes attention, who's totally a girly girl was resisting!  The heels make you feel special, she said, they elevate you, they give you attitude.

But then, a eureka moment!, I tried on my favorite necklace, my Iris Decade Onix, and there was the same special feeling … minus the pain, loss of balance and subsequent embarrassing moments.  Why torture my feet when I can feel the same way only more patient, kinder, and all round happier, right?  I’ve traded altitude in, but kept the attitude.  See the piece that supplanted high heels in my life here.

And that was that.  My wardrobe today is basic, yes, but in order to feel special and nourish my ego, I wear a piece every day to remind me at all times... that I am special.

I hope you will visit to explore what might make you feel special today and everyday.  

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We breathe life into form - Caroline Myss




Tatiana von Zitzewitz