Seeker of Balance (Note from Tatiana)

Great design is a multi-layered relationship between human life and its environment – Naoto Fukasawa

Such a significant quote … so profoundly intertwined with the fashion industry.

The quote captures the ideal balance inherent in great design, yet so often our environment is sacrificed for end results, market demand, impulsive decisions, greed (at root: misplaced ego).

We live in an era of impatient consumption.  We own the idea of multitasking - we want to do so much, and be involved in so much.  We are so good at being busy that we don’t give ourselves the time to stop and consider how we consume, where is comes from, who is benefiting from it and what it leaves behind.  How are we taking care of our home?  I am not referring to the brick box we live in but the one under it … sustaining our home planet!

We hear words like eco-friendly and sustainable, but I question what they actually mean … how committed are we? Is it a branding marketing opportunity? Are we, the fashion industry, taking advantage of a consumer who has no time to know better?  It's easy to sit in my studio box in Brooklyn - comfortable, warm, good natural lighting - and rush through my To-Do list and excuse myself for not having time to know better.  But I want to press myself, and TVZ Studio, to not turn away.

After all, from my box in Brooklyn, I feel the call to disconnect from the modern world and dive back into the natural one.  I am fortunate to have both the Botanical Gardens and Prospect Park a stone’s throw away, this country is so rich in natural beauty I can explore.  And it works!  After all, simply by surrounding oneself with green has scientifically been shown to spur inspiration and creativity. My studio box is lush green … I have chosen to bring nature to maintain the connection! 

Along the way, I have committed to myself to engage life on a conscious level. Everything I am involved with is happening because I am intentionally present. It doesn’t come easy!  Many is the time I catch myself drifting off into auto pilot and steer myself back.  

I write this today because I want to be held accountable.  I want to stop and make conscious decisions on what I consume and how I deal with my surroundings (near and far) … and of course, nowhere is this more important in my life than  

I want to infuse TVZ Studio with a true philosophy of sustainability, not only with our immediate carbon footprint but ensuring eco-friendly practices (those words again!) throughout the supply chain.  At TVZ Studio, I want busy to mean conscientious.  

I invite you to share, suggest and hold my hand through this process of being more conscientious!

A designer knows [s]he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry



Tatiana von Zitzewitz